What Remains

"When I think about it, if I had to choose, I’d rather be happy than write. You see, there’s very little invention in my books. What came first with most of them was the wish to get rid of this awful sadness that weighed me down. I found when I was a child that if I could put the hurt into words, it would go. It leaves a sort of melancholy behind and then it goes. I think it was Somerset Maugham who said that if you “write out” a thing … it doesn’t trouble you so much. You may be left with a vague melancholy, but at least it’s not misery—I suppose it’s like a Catholic going to confession, or like psychoanalysis." — Jean Rhys

Neuromancer on Twitter

"There has never really been anything like that before, at least in terms of the digestible 140-character bandwidth that Twitter is based on. I am able to wake up, open Twitter, and sort of glance across the psychic state of the planet." — William Gibson, author and futurist.

Rugged Individualism

"The only way we can express our individuality is when we share it with someone else…" — Luisa Liz

Profoundly true and counterintuitive. We think of individualism as aloneness, but it isn’t. You can’t have a painting without paint, otherwise you have simply a blank canvas, and how is that individualism? It looks like every other blank canvas. In order to become an individual we must be immersed in everyone else; how otherwise to differentiate ourselves? Society is the mirror that reflects back to our self our own expression of individuality. Without society, no reflection. No reflection, no ideation/realisation, no separation, no growth as an individual. No reflection, no self. No self, no…



Seven basic plots with examples

1. Comedy: A happy ending, with a speed bump (The Secret Life of Bees).
2. Tragedy: Comedy’s inverse (Bonfire of the Vanities).
3. Rags to Riches: Your basic coming-of-age story (Cinderella; Jane Eyre).
4. Rebirth: A more downbeat transformation (Wolf Hall; The Stand).
5. Voyage and Return: A roller-coaster adventure (Alice in Wonderland; The Road).
6. Quest: Two rises and a fall (The Corrections).
7. Overcoming the Monster: Classic man-in-hole (The Silver Linings Playbook).