Think About It

"Picasso claimed: “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” I know what he means, but I politely disagree. Good artists copy, great artists steal people’s hearts by pouring their own into their artworks. The answer is always within you, not around you. It’s not in the past or the future, it’s in the now. That’s where you are and that’s where your [writing] and art has the most fertile soil. Connect the dots from the past, but focus on creating in the now." — Marius “VICE” Vieth

At last, a metaphor I can relate to!

"[Y]ou can think of a manuscript as a football; we score points by getting the ball over the goal line."

While the quote is about scientific peer-reviewed papers, the concept of manuscript as football is the same. You might throw a long pass and score on the first play, but more likely you’ll have to grind it out on the ground, one yard at a time. If you have to print this time, that’s okay, you’ll get the ball back. The important thing g is to focus on crossing into The End zone!