Country Clubs Are Undemocratic

“Generalized intelligence and mental alertness are the most powerful enemies of dictatorship and at the same time the basic conditions of effective democracy.” — Aldous Huxley

Show me ONE country club that celebrates intelligence and promulgates mental alertness. There isn’t one. Country clubs are retreats for the ignorant and lazy, where they flee to escape the realization that except for their inherited wealth, they are not special. Country clubs allow the unworthy to gild themselves and their compatriots, to brook nothing that will tarnish their inflated self-image.

Worse, their children are only allowed to socialize at the club, with children of club members, and to regard non-club-members as trash unworthy of their time. Public education in many ways combats the country club mentality by offering a metric for measuring objectively the intellectual abilities and sheer drive towards self improvement of a group of children… in other words, GRADES. ‘Mommy and Daddy are rich, I got the best clothes and toys, I’m the cream of the crop and I don’t have to study, success falls around me like rain.’ Public schools exposes privilege and beats it up on the playground at recess; this is why there is such a big push for charter schools. Public schools are equalizing, thus democratising. Charter schools are taxpayer funded miniature country clubs for the hopelessly ignorant progeny of the privileged.

If you want to preserve and protect democracy, support public schools. If you want institutionalized fascism, support "separate but equal" charger schools. We’re already seeing what happens when the children of the country club set are in charge. Liberty, equality, fraternity are the roots of democracy, and when it’s only found within the country club fences, our future as a country is in doubt.

Choose now. Choose well, if you can.

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