Hail Mary!

"Writers, if an agent invites you to submit again in the future, they mean your *next* book. One that shows growth and improvement. Not a manuscript you shelved and are bringing out on a Hail Mary. #querytip" — @laurenspieller (agent)

A Sorted Affair

The debate rages – do you organise books by theme, alphabetically, author or colour? (Or a combination??) @lithub looks at how 11 different famous authors organise their book collections. http://lithub.com/how-11-writers-organize-their-personal-libraries/

This got me thinking. Majority of my library: alpha by author, subsorted alpha by title. Exceptions: oversized (tall) books have one dedicated shelf. Writing and reference books in study, unsorted. Cookbooks, gardening books, and photography books each have a dedicated shelf but are unsorted. Quantum physics (I’m not kidding) has a dedicated shelf, sorted alpha by author, by title, by edition. Finally I have two very nice cherry bookcases lined with my finest leather bound volumes, unsorted, to use as a backdrop for future Skype interviews (I’m laughing now) and background for author photos, because I know folks will be zooming in to read the titles of my books out of curiosity. I call it bookstalking, and I’m guilty too. And of course there’s a twin column, almost six feet tall, carefully balanced stack of recent acquisitions sorted by purchase date, reverse order. To be sorted may be the largest category. I have to keep an inventory list on my phone to keep from buying extra copies yet it still happens sometimes anyway.